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Steven G. Shockley

The start of a life-long passion for drawing started as early as 1o for Steve.


Naturally curious, Steve looked for answers to many items in life that inspired him in the early years. His mother was the closest resource for those answers, yet didn't have all the time to satisfy them. As an alternative, she would send Steve on his way outside—sketchbook in hand. 

Funny thing, those moments of being encouraged to go outside and draw became a budding love of drawing houses and seeing things differently for Steve. Some of his earliest drawings go back to the age of 10—a moment that continues to invigorate today. During that time, Steve designed fifty different house designs. Quite a feat for this young lad with a future yet to be planned. Not surprisingly, those around him noticed this unique and budding talent and started the encouragement of becoming an architect. When it came to deciding on a vocation, no doubt that Steve chose to study Architecture at the prestigious Georgia Tech in 1987.

Throughout his tenure at Georgia Tech, Steve took advantage of every summer and winter break to assist Harrison Design Associates, a prominent architecture firm in Atlanta, where he honed his skills. Additionally, during his senior year at Tech, he embraced the opportunity to travel to the Univerity of Paris on an exchange program. This experience uniquely formed his design eye forever. 

His professional career has been spent working at notable companies focused on remodeling efforts as a designer and an estimator. Combining these two skills is a benefit for him to design on budget but allows him to have level-setting conversations with his clients and manage costs with contractors. He has projects that have been recognized nationally in design and remodeling industry magazines.

Steve is a proud native Atlantan and holds the architecture and evolving style of his city near.

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